Hi, I’m Prabhakaran Ravichandran.

There’s a lot of things, I tried in life. But now, working as a Senior Software Engineer in Chennai, India. For a in-detail write up about my career path, please check out my LinkedIn profile. I aspire to do something awesome with my life, but don’t have the clear vision yet. That doesn’t let me became lazy and go on easy. Instead, I hustle more to find out what I want to become. To give you a clear picture, think of me as an average Joe you see in your workspace but trying his hard to earn a spotlight. I’ve listed few things below, which I consider as a transforming milestones to become awesome.

Getting Started with AWS Machine Learning

This course helps in understanding the Machine Learning Pipeline in Amazon Web Services (AWS). It expands with a demo of Amazon Sage Maker with real time business problem and the actual cost of the AWS Machine Learning services. The take away is that, AWS supports custom ML algorithms but contains a lot of pre-built ones which will fasten the deployment of ML models.

Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups by University of Colorado Boulder

This course redefined the term group communication and gave light to the following factors: make better decisions, be more creative and innovative, manage conflict and work with difficult group members, negotiate for preferred outcomes, improve group communication in virtual environments.

Private Equity and Venture Capital by Università Bocconi

This course enlightened me with the process, taxonomy and facts about private equity and how it is actively used around the globe to influence the economic market. It really transfigured my thought about private equity and venture-backed companies and their life cycle.

Psychological First Aid by Johns Hopkins University

I’ve taken this course offered by Johns Hopkins University in order to help myself and my family/friends in this COVID-19 pandemic. It teaches how the RAPID model can be used and assessed the contents via a quiz.

Machine Learning by Stanford Online

This is proof that I’ve undergone a machine learning course provided by Stanford University via Coursera and completed all their lectures and passed the quiz & programming assessments using Octave.

PSM by Scrum.org

This is to certify that I can handle the Scrum framework and its terminology with ease. It is provided by the international scrum organization scrum.org.

Agile & VCS by Atlassian

These are the course certificates which I’ve earned from Atlassian via Coursera for learning Agile Methodologies with JIRA & Version Control using GIT.

Hacker Rank Skill Assessments

These are the skill assessments which I’ve passed in HackerRank MOOC.

Google Digital Marketing

On a weekend I’ve decided to check out, what is Google Open University offering for learning Digital Marketing and gained this certificate after passing their test.

Kaggle – ML

These are the certificates, I’ve gained by completing the free exercises on Kaggle for Machine Learning, Python, SQL and many more.

English Lang.

These are the certificates, I’ve got after completing English Language Proficiency Exams like IELTS / CEFR English.

Japanese Lang.

These are the certificates, I’ve got for passing Japanese Language Proficiency Exams like JLPT / NAT.

JAVA Training

These are the certificates, I’ve got in my college days from ORACLE for completing training in Basic & Advanced JAVA concepts.

UG & PG Degrees

These are the UG & PG Degrees I’ve earned. I went to a regular UG Engineering course and studied PG MBA in correspondence while working.