Shrink URL and EARN

If you own a website / blog / YouTube / Facebook page you can additionally earn money apart from the money earned via banner ads displayed in them.
If you are using, you don’t need to worry about all these things. Because, WordPress recently changed their design and layout of sites and added a new feature to buy products from websites directly via PayPal.
But, if you are not using then you can use the service called just shortens the target URL and redirects to a CAPTCHA page where the user does the CAPTCHA and lands on the target URL. The transition is smooth, simple and time-saving compared to all other URL shortening sites available in the internet.
The best part about using is, the users are 100% redirecting to the target URL, after completing the CAPTCHA and the Admin can earn upto $20 for 1000 views from Greenland Traffic. View Full Chart for Publisher Rates.
CountryEarnings per 1000 Views
Desktop / Mobile
 San Marino$10.000$10.000
 United Kingdom$7.000$7.000
 United States$7.000$7.000
 New Zealand$6.000$6.000
 Worldwide Deal(All Countries)$3.000$3.000
(Rates as per 2020/06)
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