Handy Japanese Translator Tool for Google Chrome

Learning Japanese maybe the toughest possible thing you could do in your life. But, understanding their OFFICIAL dialects and high sense of writing, needs more than just learning the Japanese Language.
For simplifying the purpose of handling countless number of business emails written in Japanese. There’s a online translator tool called Mazii
Mazii – Japanese dictionary is a really handy tool to translate your Official e-mails on the go without switching between different chrome tabs.
  • You can just double-click the word on the mail to understand what is means.
  • You can select a whole sentence or paragraph and translate it to infer the whole meaning of it. (This will be better than normal translator)
  • You can also view the JLPT level of Kanji dealt with it (N1, N2, N3, N4, N5) and use it on any web page.


Learning Japanese language never ends.

(But learning is always fun 😊)