#843 Daily dose: Magic Math Academy

After 3 years of research and development, and drawing from 20 years of experience, the team at iHuman have developed a fun, engaging, and magical way to learn mathematics.
Partner up with your new in-game companion and embark on an interactive adventure that will help you visualize and master abstract mathematical thinking. Learn from a systematic, age-based curriculum with a clear and transparent learning path; study–play–practice–assess–test.

Education experts have carefully designed a magical mathematics classroom, called the Wizard’s Workshop. Children can learn mathematical concepts and skills, such as addition and subtraction. On Math’s Journey, children will embark on a fairy-tale adventure that will stimulate their interest in mathematics.

High-quality voice acting and production make the experience engaging and stimulating. Regular assessment and feedback ensure parents and guardians can offer support throughout.

Course content covers four key areas; numbers and counting, operations, geometry and space, and mathematical thinking. Alignment with state school standards means the math learned at Magic Math Academy will support young learners in their school studies as well as daily lives.