#828 Daily dose: Japanese Conversation

Japanese Conversation Practice with CUDU.

We have many conversations that would help you to improve your speaking skills and make you feel like talking with native speakers.

You can learn how to speak Japanese like a native speaker through dialogue lessons

The application helps you immediately improve your communication skill in Japanese (in daily communication, travel, shopping, work, weather …), support for learning, research, job, travel, study abroad, labor export …

  • Main features of the application:
  • Nearly 100 topics covering all aspects of life
  • Daily communication
  • Welcome to Japanese
  • Ask for time, weather, location, money, phone, mail
  • Famous idiom, or use.
  • Hundreds of common sentences
  • The full explanation, the difficulty in communication in Japanese
  • Real sound, clear vivid
  • Learn Japanese conversation form
  • Learn basic grammar
  • Common Japanese phrases: They are classified in detail and easy to use.
  • Practice the most authentic live conversation.

I hope that we can help you improve your communication skill in Japanese.