#817 Daily dose: Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope – Zodiac signs,Face secret,Tarot is an app which provides latest daily zodiac tips, love compatibility tests, face secret, daily tarot reading and lucky number & color. With this daily horoscope, you can get the accurate prediction daily, monthly and annually. There are also many other features for you to explore.

Professional 12 zodiac signs – Check out your zodiac sign fortune and daily luck score.
Amazing love compatibility – Go for your Mr./Mrs. Right with a little magic!
Funny face secret – Seek the secret of your face when you’re at 60 or 100 years old.
Daily tarot readings – The great tarot master will let you know how to change your fortune.
Mysterious crystal Ball – Get your daily lucky number and color.

12 zodiac signs
Accurate readings of 12 zodiac signs are prepared everyday for you to check. Check out your fortune and daily luck score to help you make your health and career more awesome.

Love compatibility
Astrology will calculate and analyse how compatible you and your lover are. Reveal the secret of you both, see if you’re matched to each other. And it’ll tell you how to improve the situation when you’re having trouble in your relationship.

Funny face secret
Tap the button, see how you look when you aged at 60 or 100 years old!

Daily tarot readings
Choose one magical tarot card, let the tarot master into your brain and give some guidance about your fortune today.

Lucky crystal ball
Get your lucky number & color with this mysterious crystal ball, make the day better by approaching them.