#788 Daily dose: Microwork

What is Microwork?
Microwork is the app that pays you in Ether for completing quick, fun and easy tasks on your smart phone. Just complete a task and instantly get paid to your cryptocurrency wallet.

What kind of tasks are available?
With photo-tasks you can get earn by uploading photos of everyday items such as fashion, furniture, logos and many more. The pictures you take are used to help train Artificial Intelligence to see and understand things the way humans do.

Plus there are many location-based tasks to discover where you can get paid for completing reviews, surveys and even attending events too!

How do I get paid?
Easy, we pay in cryptocurrency (ETH) and it goes straight to a cryptocurrency wallet. This might sound complicated but it’s actually really simple, and we have a quick-start guide that will help you get set up and earning in no time. The best part is you’re paid immediately! No need to wait weeks or months to get your hands on your earnings!