#685 Daily dose: AnalogCity Blue Sky

💨 AnalogCity Blue Sky will turn a dull and muddy day into a beautiful day out.

💨 This app will be driven by your own love of beautiful skies and fascinating cloud formations.

💨 AnalogCity Blue Sky comes with a huge collection of curated skies from sunny, cloudy, stormy, and night shots.

☀️ Imagine dropping stunning skies on your photos with this innovative new app. Don’t let the dreadful weather ruin your travel and outdoor photos.

💎 We goal is to capture those moments when you stop in your tracks and just stare at a gorgeous sunset, beautiful blue sky, or epic storm.

🥗 Of course on any photo outing, you can’t control the skies you get, so AnalogCity Blue Sky lets you decide what skies you will have.

🎪 Features

❧ 15+ Filter suitable for outdoor environment

❧ Blue sky effect, add cloud

❧ Dual camera support

❧ Filter and high-quality images bring the best footage

⚾️ The app contains a first class collection of skies under varying conditions that you can add to either your photos with a boring clear sky or you can change the weather conditions to something better or more interesting. There are puffy white clouds, sunset and sunrise colours, storm clouds, even lightning flashes.

🍏 AnalogCity Blue Sky is packed a lot of power for three dollars. If you find yourself with nice photos that can be improved by better skies than AnalogCity Blue Sky is for you.