#636 Daily dose: Internet Speed Meter Pro

Internet Speed Meter for show live internet speed on notification and screenlock. Monitoring your monthly data usage.

Internet Speed – 4G Fast is used to check current download and upload speed of you internet like Wifi, 3G, 4G and Broadband.

– Wifi Speed check
– 3G Speed check
– 4G Speed check
– Broadband Speed check

No need to open your browser or questionable apps. Install this great Android tool and always know how fast is your internet connection. On top of that the app saves your internet speed data every week, day and month and you can easily analyze the changes.

By using this you can easily monitor which apps are draining your internet connection and save it up.

Network speed meter show real-time data/internet usage on home screen like datally. So you can easily identify usage of internet & get idea to plan strategy to minimize usage of network data.

Key features:
• Real-time internet speed in status bar
• Shows Data usage per app. Easily identify most data-hungry apps in your device.
• Track and monitor daily data and WiFi usage from notification
• Monitors traffic data for the last 30 days, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly.
• Set Billing cycle for metered and unmetered network separately.
• Hide when not connected to any network
• Unobtrusive notification to let you focus on what’s important
• Simple, intuitive design and easy to use UI.
• Daily Mobile and WiFi usage summary notification.
• Displays all statistics in Bar Graphs & Pie Charts.
• Only app on play store, having Hotspot usage
• Check Background and foreground usage for each app.
• Internet Speed Meter is a Data Manager who Monitor, Manage and count data usage.
• It shows Network Speed(WiFi, 5g,3G,4G) in Status-bar.
• Highly customizable
• Battery and memory efficient
• No ads, No bloat

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