#613 Daily dose: Panda Video Compressor

Video Panda – Compress & Share App

Makes your videos smaller without losing too much quality

Panda Video main screen
Well, when it comes to video file size, videos are even more of a problem than images.

They fill up your phone (not to mention your cloud space), eat up all your data, and refuse to fit into emails. They also take forever to share.

So We built the following features into the Panda Video app:

  • * Fit to email – so you can optimise video to the exact capacity of your email provider
  • * Compress and replace – so your videos take up less space
  • * Compress and share – so you can easily share to
Meaning you can:

  • * Send videos that fit perfectly into emails
  • * Share videos much more quickly than before
  • * Free up space on your phone (and in the cloud)
  • * Reduce your data usage from sharing (and sending, and backing up)
  • * Save yourself time and money

Oh, and some more good news – this is a free app.

So go ahead and give it a try – you can download it now: