#609 Daily dose: PAKO Forever

PAKO Forever available for iOS, tvOS and Android

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Tree Men Games is a small indie game company from Helsinki, Finland. We are three guys who met in Aalto University’s Media laboratory few years ago. In 2013, unable to graduate from the university, we decided to start a company.

Before Tree Men Games, none of us has worked for Rovio, Supercell or any other big company.




We do arcade games that are addictive, easy to learn but hard to master. Our biggest game this far has been PAKO – Car Chase Simulator. It was released first in May 2014 for Windows Phone. Later at the same year followed iOS and Android, and in 2015 Apple TV and Amazon FireTV.

At late 2015 we started throwing ideas for a sequel, PAKO2, and started its developing. Few months later PAKO2 early demo was then introduced in public at PAX East 2016, Boston (April 2016).

During fall 2016 we continued developing PAKO – Car Chase Simulator for PC/MAC desktop, and added whole new game mechanics, gamepad controls and local multiplay support. The desktop version of the game was published on Steam in January 2017.

Later in 2017 PAKO2 was first released for PC/MAC, and in 2018 also for iOS and Android.

Somewhere in summer 2018 we started developing PAKO Forever which was released on October 18th for iOS, tvOS and Android. PAKO Forever is an endless escape getaway with procedural level design and wacky bonus features.