#597 Daily dose: Vocabulary Builder

Brain responds to visuals fast, better than text or any other kind of learning material. Through videos, people get to process information fast and that is why we have introduced GIFs for each word so that you can build your vocabulary easily and quickly with Flipwurd’s free Mnemonic Vocabulary app.

So, how is this app better than other vocabulary apps?

Screenshot Image

• 750 high-frequency English words
• Definitions, examples, synonyms and GIFs for each and every word
• Smart algorithm to aid you in improving your vocabulary
• Seamless and easy-to-use app
• Perfect app for GRE students as well as for GMAT, CAT, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, etc., exam takers
• Bookmark your words for future revision of specific words
• Audio pronunciation for each word
• Track your progress as you study
• Optimum deck size of 30 words each, so that you can complete a deck in one sitting

By completing 2 decks a day, you can master 750 words in just 15 days! So, install the app now and Get-Set-Go!