#554 Daily dose : Picture This Plant

Instantly identify plants from any photo.
Share the plants you find with the world.
Learn from a global community of experts.

Instant plant identification & information.
Start cultivating your green thumb in no time

Want to learn more about a flower, tree, or plant you’ve found? Simply take a photo, upload it, and PictureThis immediately shows you its name, a quick description, and more beautiful photos.

Identify 4,000+ plants & counting

Accuracy rate of 90%

Results in less than
a second

Discover new plants – together.
Get to know local plants, share them with the world.

Join an international group of plant-lovers in uncovering an exciting world of plant life, then share and discuss your growing collection with the community.

Over 50,000 new photos added daily

Join members from 5 continents

Share & discover plants with people from 102 countries

Learn from the experts.
Got plant questions? We have answers.

Not sure what kind of plant, flower or tree you’ve found? Just upload your photos or questions and our global community of experts will help you solve it.

Interactive community of plant experts

Answers to all your plant questions

Get fast and accurate responses

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