#550 Daily dose : Youper

Hi, I’m Youper.

Your emotional health assistant

Youper helps you feel your best with quick conversations and tools to take control of your emotional health.

Youper was born from the idea that everyone can become the best version of themselves, like being a super you. In fact, Youper is You + Super.

We believe that the pursuit of happiness is an undeniable right. However, we know that on your search, emotional challenges and behavioral health issues can block the way and get you stuck.

Currently, it can take more than ten years for someone facing these issues, like stress, anxiety, and depression, to get the help they need. Beyond that, more than 60% don’t have access to effective solutions.

Our vision is Youper as the first-responder for emotional health issues, like anxiety and depression. Our mission is to ensure people can live happier lives and don’t have to wait years to start overcoming their difficulties.

We’re blending artificial intelligence and effective psychological approaches into the world’s first emotional health assistant to deliver effective treatments that are more enjoyable and personalized to each user’s needs.