Play Pokken Tournament on PC

Hello there everyone,

Today we will play Nintendo Wii U games on PC via an emulator called CEMU.

Pre-requisites :

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 2 GB NVIDIA / AMD RADEON Graphics
  • i5 or above Processor

Step 1 : Download CEMU emulator from

Step 2 : Install CEMU and open AMD / NVIDIA contorl panel in your PC (I’ll show you AMD settings in this tutorial)

Screenshot (1)

Step 3 : Chagne the dropdown to “High Performance” and click APPLY

Screenshot (2)

Step 4 : Now open your CEMU emulator change the following setting…

  • CPU -> Mode -> Triple-core

Screenshot (3)

  • Options -> Upscale filter -> Bicubic

Screenshot (4)

  • Optional -> Experimental

Screenshot (5)

Step 5 : Having done all the configuration, download Wii U games from this site 

(NOTE: legally Nintendo inflicted copyright infrigements over sites for making their roms available online, so hurry up and download before it becomes unavailable)

Step 6 : Now open the the iso and run .rpx and enjoy the game !!!