#531 Daily dose : Recipe book

Trying to cook a quick meal or making a grand dinning experience? Then use RecipeBook, choose from the widest range of recipes from around the world.

The app comes packed with very easy way to find recipes. If you are looking to make a recipe with an ingredient in your kitchen. Simply snap the picture of ingredient in your kitchen and see the recipe recommendations populating.

Do you want to know which all recipes can be created with given one or more ingredient, then use the Shake n Make. Select your intended ingredients and give the phone a shake and see the recommendations showing up.
Have good collection of recipes with you. Become our channel partner and monetise along with us by advertising about food brands. The catch doesn’t end there. There will be always a recipe contest running in partnership with big food brands. So, stand a chance to win grand prizes any time.

Create stunning Indian recipes – North Indian recipes, south Indian recipes, find your favourite flavour, improve your cooking style, improvise your culinary art. If its about food then, find them all here. You can also find many variations of easy Indian recipes. Be it any culinary life style we have covered it for you.

The platform is also a place where the users can contribute, help a fellow food enthusiast in finding new recipes and techniques. But the catch doesn’t end there, the app always have a recipe competition running. Participate with your recipes and win exciting prizes. The recipe contest is open to all.

The most favourite non vegetarian food in India is chicken. Your search for chicken Indian recipes end here. Be it south Indian recipes style or north Indian recipes style, we have it ready for you. Find numerous versions of chicken breast recipes, from around the world.

Or are you looking for some easy Indian recipes, trying to find some easy snacks, you have reached the right place. Cook some easy Indian recipes with bread, easy snack or a quick morning bite. Just search and see the results of inspiring recipes.

The app always live in the trend. As of now the easter is around the corner, you came to the source of unlimited Christmas recipes. Be it a easter appetiser recipes, easter breakfast recipes, easter dinner recipes or new year recipes for dinner, you can find recipes for everything from here.