#509 Daily dose : Coding Story

Coding Story with together with Momo C

Coding Story, which raises creativity and problem-solving ability, is the storytelling STEAM coding education which children can learn easily and with fun.
It is the comprehensive coding learning system where children meet the world of imagination in the real world linking software and hardware.
You are invited to the imaginary world where everything is possible, Coding Story.

안녕하세요? 저는 모모들의 대장 모모C입니다. 코딩스토리의 모모마을은 코딩으로 만들어져 있어요.
            모모들 모두가 코딩으로 만든 이야기 속 주인공이랍니다. 과학도 배우고, 이야기도 만나는 코딩의 세계 코딩스토리에서 모모들과 함께 재미있고 신나는 코딩여행을 떠나보세요.

Coding, isn’t it difficult?Easy and interesting Coding Story is not learning complex programming languages but the educational content that raises children’s imagination and creativity by learning coding easily and with fun as linking software and hardware.

With blocks, one after another from the basicsScratch command blocks are connected and joined in order to learn the basic coding concept.
Arranging coding blocks, it is possible to immediately see the coding result with creative teaching materials for intuitive coding learning.

Preparing the future with coding

Why is the coding education needed?Coding raises the thinking of children.
Problem solving ability and logical thinking are raised while children directly program coding.