#486 Daily dose : Soundcamp

A top-notch recording studio on your phone

With Soundcamp, you get to create the most powerful music in the simplest way.
Play music on either the pre-loaded instruments or those from 3rd party music apps.
Record, edit and share it all straight from your phone.

Examples of different instruments available on Soundcamp app on Galaxy S7 screen

Real music in real-time

Samsung’s proprietary professional audio technology gives Soundcamp its fast audio response for a truly authentic music-making experience.

Two hands are playing the piano on Galaxy S7 edge with the Soundcamp app

It’s one big party

The option to integrate some of the best 3rd party music apps out there gives you have the means to create the ultimate recording studio.
Gain inspiration and an edge with new apps.
It’s the finest kind of collabouration.
Just like in the real world.

*Compatible apps will continue to be added.

Example of the different apps that are compatible with the Soundcamp app

Create the perfect loop

Seamless, addictive music loops are all yours with Looper.
It’s not only super easy to use, you get to draw from one of the world’s biggest resources that is Loopmasters to create your own signature tracks.

An example of Soundcamp’s Looper function being played on Galaxy S7 edge
On-screen image on Galaxy S7 edge shows Soundcamp’s Looper feature being used

Multitrack DAW

Soundcamp is a Digital Audio Workstation that’s at once professional and intuitive letting you record, edit and mix up to 8 audio/MIDI tracks.
There’s also a piano roll editor so you can edit your music with precision.

Graphic image of the Soundcamp apps’ multitrack DAW open on Galaxy S7 edge