#482 Daily dose : JAVA Web Programming

Java Web Programming is all in one app covering JSP and Servlet Concepts in very Detail. Most of you should know JSP is Extension of Servlets to give more advanced support. These both helps to build JAVA Web Applications & Java Enterprise Application

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As you go Deep inside we Starting with JSP tutorial

• JSP Technology Model
• Developing JSPs by using Standard Actions
• Building JSPs by using Expression Language
• Custom Tags

And servlet tutorial consists

• Servlet Technology Model
• Web Application Structure and web.xml
• Web Container Model (Servlet container )
• Session Management
• Web Security

And as you know Interviews are crucial
• We added 100 most frequent Questions repeatedly asking in Jsp and Servlet interviews

We are very confident after using Java Web Programming you will have ample knowledge to build J2EE Applications, we did our best to make every Concept with detail explanation with the number of Examples

As you are aware our way of Teaching. Each and every topic have been covered varying from jsp life cycle, servlet lifecycle to

Both architecture’s, servlet context and Jsp directives and Tags

As you know Awwalsoft is Dedicated and Determined to build only Apps which show our Moto! A Company by you and for you.