#481 Daily dose : Streak

Algo trade, without codingTM

StreakTM lets you create, backtest, and deploy algos
live in the market without coding.

Algo, on the go

We believe that everyone should be able to wield technology while investing. We have made algo trading, accessible and affordable to all.

With Streak’s cloud based technology, you can access all your algos from anywhere.
Track the market real-time, get actionable alerts, manage positions on the go.

Now, everyone can algoTM

We have built simple and intuitive interfaces, so that you can easily turn your trading and investment ideas into algos.


We transform strategies and ideas, that you write in English, into computerised algos.

You can leverage more than 60 technical indicators, to create algos in English.


We run the fastest backtests in the world, and we do it in the cloud.

You can backtest all your algos with a lookback period of upto five years on any instrument.


Monitoring multiple instruments is now a click away.

You can deploy multiple algos at a time without using any margin, and generate signals for your algos.

Get notified

From a simple at price algo to complicated technical algos, get notified.

You can take action on notifications and track live positions, on the go.