#473 Daily dose : Layton Brothers Mystery Room

A new crime-solving mystery game featuring none other than the son of the great Professor Layton!

Genius investigator, Inspector Alfendi Layton and his newly assigned assistant, Detective Constable Lucy Baker, research only the most extraordinary cases in the “Mystery Room” deep within the Scotland Yard.

Investigate the evidence, find the contradictions, and unravel the truth that lies shrouded in mystery!



InspectorAlfendi Layton

This brilliant investigator at Scotland Yard is Lucy Baker’s boss and mentor. He uses his remarkable analytical skills and flawless logic to solve cases in a room that can reconstruct a crime scene down to the last detail, colloquially known as the “Mystery Room”. But the strange room isn’t the only mystery surrounding Alfendi Layton…

Detective ConstableLucy Baker

Scotland Yard’s newest recruit, Lucy Baker is anxious to report for duty after being assigned to Alfendi Layton as his crime-solving assistant. Her spirited optimism is perhaps exactly the kind of partnership Layton needed, whether he knows it or not!