#460 Daily dose : Oden Cart 2

Another strange, bittersweet tale is unfolding at a tiny oden cart,
and you won’t believe when! Take on the role of a stubborn old
oden cart owner trying to get back home in this story-driven game.

The customers who frequent your cart are quite the colorful bunch.
Help them blow off steam by listening to their worries and woes.
As you do, their stories will be revealed before your very eyes.

A memorable food story story

You’ll see that some hopes, dreams, and fears never change.
And before you know it, a moving story will unfold from a few casual complaints!

There may even be a surprising twist or two along the way.
Be sure to see the entire story through to the end!

As always, we’re not after your wallet. You can play the entire game for free, with no in-app purchases.
Play a little bit each day as a break from your own hectic life.