#458 Daily dose : Relax Melodies

A leading wellness app development studio, Ipnos the creator of the world-renown sleep app Relax Melodies, which has over 30 million happy sleepers. We innovate in content-rich apps focused on relaxation and meditation, and we strive to improve the digital world’s well-being, one user at a time.

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Set the mood for yoga.

Create unique ambience with sounds of South Asia, perfectly suited for a yoga practice.

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Learn to meditate, just 10 minutes a day.

Relax Meditation brings together millions of meditators and guides you step by step into daily mindfulness. Inner peace starts here.

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Experience sleep like never before.

Join over 30 million people who benefit from uninterrupted rest every night thanks to Relax Melodies, the #1 sleep app worldwide.