#448 Daily dose : OpenHub for GitHub


An open source GitHub Android client app, faster and concise.



  • Two login types (Basic Auth) and (OAuth)
  • Light and dark theme, multiple accent color
  • Markdown and code highlighting support
  • English, Simplified Chinese, Hebrew, German and Hindi support
  • Offline mode
  • Support trending repositories of all languages
  • Support multi-account switching
  • Search repos and users
  • Shortcuts support
  • Notifications support
  • Bookmark users or repos
  • Record trace of the repos or users you have been viewed
  • View github collections
  • View github featured topics
  • Support disable loading network image while mobile network


  • View repo info and repo branches
  • Star, watch and fork repos
  • View repo files, commits and activity
  • Download source code, releases and files
  • View your private, public, forked and starred repos
  • View trending repos of daily, weekly and monthly
  • Search repos
  • View recent wiki updates


  • View user info
  • View user followers, following, organizations
  • View user public repositories, starred repositories and activity
  • View your private repositories
  • Follow/Unfollow users
  • Search users


  • View org info
  • View org public repositories and activity
  • View org members


  • View issue info, comments and events
  • Create, open and close issues
  • Create, edit and delete issue comments
  • Edit, add and delete your labels
  • Write comment with preview
  • View your created, assigned and mentioned issues
  • View repository issues


  • View commit info and files
  • View file diff
  • View repository commits