#441 Daily dose : Instagram Unfollowers

Find your Unfollowers & Ghost Followers and more! Totally Free! No limits!
Your Instagram™ account Analyser! Get Follower Insight with this multi-functional app!

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The application gives you the analysis of your Instagram™ account, including the list of:
✓ all your unfollowers and allows you unfollow them directly from our app!
✓ all your ghost followers (fans) and allows you follow them directly from our app! 
✓ all your mutual followers
✓ all your recent unfollowers

The application also provides short information about the number of your:
✓ followers
✓ & followings

It also has a feature to promote yourself by sharing a picture or profile!
We also have a whitelisting feature to make things easy for you!

How to:
❶ Sign in using your Instagram™ credentials (auth is used, secure)
❷ Navigate through the menu and choose unfollowers / ghost followers / mutual followers
❸ Unfollow / Follow as much as you want.

Trouble signing in? Then do the following:
❶ Open the original instagram app
❷ Navigate to any picture – like or comment
❸ Go back to our app and try again…

Disclaimer: this app is by no means affiliated to Instagram™.