#390 Daily dose : UACTIV

Social networking & discovery for active living

With tech at our core, we’re a young, fun, quirky, hip and healthy like-minded bunch of peeps who are constantly thinking about getting people off their b***s and on their feet to try new experiences related to fitness and an active lifestyle!

Our mobile app seamlessly allows users to engage with their city’s sports/fitness landscape in an interactive, social way. Meet new peeps, expand your social networks, discover and engage with communities, games, events, classes, workshops and win rewards for being active! All this on the basis of your geo-location and workout interest.

Pick Up!

Are you looking for a different workout routine? Are you adventurous? Find and sign up for group classes, games, events, workshops and more! We’ve got you covered in yoga, pilates, zumba, dance fitness, calisthenics, running, cycling, football and 30+ sports/fitness activties. Looking to host your own activities? Host a Pick Up! Invite your friends and others around you, take sign ups, chat with your group, build crediblity and promote your services.

Locate Fitness classes/workshops on map nearby

Buddy Up!

Use our app to meet new people and build your own workout community in 40+ activities! Find, connect and schedule sports and fitness activities with like-minded users from all over city! Use our convenient chatting feature to stay connected with your buddies. Get competitive by challenging other users and share your experiences on social media!

Find, connect and schedule sports and fitness activities with like minded buddies