#385 Daily dose : Text Fairy


Android OCR App

   Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)- screenshot


  • convert images to pdf
  • recognize text in images
  • basic document management
  • delete
  • edit
  • merge multiple documents into one
  • view table of content

Project Structure

  • app contains the android app code
  • hocr2pdf contains c++ code to create pdf files
  • is used by the text fairy through a jni wrapper (textfairy/jni)
  • image-processing contains image processing code (binarization and page segmentation)
  • can be compiled to a command line executable main.cpp
  • CppTestProject contains an XCode project to debug and test the image processing code
  • is used by the text fairy through a jni wrapper (textfairy/jni)

The following android library projects are included as git submodules:

  • [Forked Tesseract Tools for Android by rmtheis] 1

The following projects where added to the sources directly either because they were modified or they are not available as git repos:

  • [hocr2pdf] 2
  • [libjpeg] 3
  • [libpng-android] 4

Building with gradle

make sure that you have got the android sdk as well as ndk (r15c) installed

  • git clone git@github.com:renard314/textfairy.git
  • cd textfairy
  • git submodule update
  • git submodule init
  • set ndk.dir to point to your ndk-build in gradle.properties
  • cd tess-two/tess-two
  • ndk-build -j4
  • cd ../../
  • ./gradlew app:assembleDevelopDebug