#365 Daily dose : Time Tree

How to Use TimeTree

Everyone’s schedules on one calendar

One service, multiple uses – how would you use TimeTree?

What’s a shared calendar?

What makes TimeTree special

Everyone’s schedules on one calendar

Group members’ schedules on one calendar
you can easily catch up your group’s plan

Every group can have its own calendar

You can have multiple calendar
within a group for family, work, friends, etc.

Display multiple calendars all at once

Each calendars including OS calendar
can be displayed with a simple ON/OFF button

Sort schedules by updates

Display all schedules by most
recent changes or comments.
Of course you can also sort by date

A communication area for every schedule

Post comments and pictures for every schedule
to make it easy to discuss and confirm plans.

Changeable Colors

You can change the color of schedule.
Check and confirm with one glance
what type of schedule it is, or who set the schedule

TimeTree now works on PC too

With our webapp, you can view your monthly calendar on a bigger screen so that you do not miss out any details or events.

Save memos and tentative events to “Keep”

You won’t forget another event if you save it beforehand in “Keep”! After you decide on a date, notes in “Keep” can be easily changed to events by adding the time and date.