#337 Daily dose : Astro Mail

End Inbox Overload

Modern email and calendar app for Mac, iOS, Android, Slack and Amazon Alexa, powered by artificial intelligence.


Email and calendar solved

Astro brings email, calendar, and an AI-powered assistant together to help you focus on what’s most important. Our intelligent apps prioritize your emails, tell you what to follow up on, and help you clean up your inbox.

Add your Gmail or Office 365 email address to spend less time in email.


Packed with intelligent features

Spend less time in email

Get through your emails faster with Priority Inbox, Swipes, Snooze, and Unsubscribe. Then customize the emails you send with Open Tracking, Send Later, Custom Signatures, and more.

When you’re not in your inbox, eliminate distractions by receiving only Priority email notifications.

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Calendar and email side by side

Don’t switch between apps to know what’s happening today. Add and update events on your Gmail or Office 365 Calendar right from Astro.

Astro also adds Reminders, Snoozed emails, and Scheduled emails to your Calendar, so you can get a complete view of your day.

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Meet your new assistant

Astrobot does the heavy-lifting, so you always know what to follow up on and what to clean up.

Astrobot is powered by artificial intelligence, responds to hundreds of text and voice commands, and automatically makes suggestions that make managing your inbox easier.

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