#296 Daily dose : Authenticate with Microsoft

Azure Authenticator for Android


Your IT administrator may have recommended you to use the Microsoft Azure Authenticator to sign-in to access your work resources. This application provides these two sign-in options:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication allows you to secure your work or school accounts with two-step verification. You sign-in using something you know (for example, your password) and protect the account even further with something you have (a security key from this app). The Azure Authenticator app notifies you of a pending two-factor verification request by displaying an alert to your mobile device. You need to simply view the request in the app and tap verify or cancel. Alternately, you may be prompted to enter the passcode displayed in the app.
  • Work Account allows you to turn your Android phone or tablet into a trusted device and provide Single Sign-On (SSO) to company applications. Your IT administrator may require you to add a work account in order to access company resources. SSO lets you sign in once and automatically avail of signing in across all applications your company has made available to you.