#270 Daily dose : An free currency converter app

We all need to convert currencies from time to time, and Currency Converter Plus Free is one of the best ways to do it.

The main screen has a calculator-like number pad and above that there’s the currency you’re converting from and a list of up to ten other forms of monetary excitement. You just type out the figure you want converting and can see at a glance what it amounts to in loads of other currencies.

You can choose from all world currencies to convert to and from, as well as Bitcoin, which not all converters have, and precious metals.

You can view historic graphs, showing how rates between two different currencies have changed over anything from a week to a year, you can choose from several sources to get the rates from, such as the European Central Bank and Yahoo Finance, and the whole interface makes conversions quick, because as soon as you start entering a number you’ll start seeing the altered total.