#262 Daily dose : Get the floating bar on the screen

One of the great things about Android is that if there’s a software feature on another phone there’s a good chance there will be an app which can bring it to yours.

And so it is with Floating Bar LG V30. As the name suggests, this brings the floating bar from the LG V30 to other Android handsets.

Activate it and a little arrow will sit permanently somewhere on one side of your screen. You can drag it around freely, while tapping on it will bring up a row of shortcuts to five apps of your choosing.

You can also change the opacity of the bar and choose whether or not to display it on the lock screen.

That much is free, but you can also pay $2/£1.79 to unlock the ability to add tools (such as a torch or Bluetooth toggles), contacts and websites to the bar, while a separate IAP of the same amount will remove adverts.

Opt for the paid version and it’s a close approximation of what LG offers on the V30, and either way it’s one more handy option for giving you quick access to your favorite apps.

There are similar things around, such as takes on Samsung’s Edge screen that you can add to your phone, but Floating Bar LG V30 is a useful, polished alternative.