#261 Daily dose : Microsoft edge preview

There are a lot of browsers on Android, but Microsoft Edge is worthy of attention as a big-name browser.

This will mostly appeal to people who already use it on desktop, as also having the app allows you to seamlessly move content between your phone and PC (as long as you’ve got the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s update) and to access your favorites and reading list on all devices.

But Microsoft Edge is a good browser beyond that, with a stripped-back reading view for when you don’t want any distractions, a built-in QR code reader, voice search if you don’t want to type, and a private mode. Plus the near-essential ability to change your default search engine from Bing to Google.

The ‘Preview’ in the name refers to the fact that the Microsoft Edge browser is still in beta, which is the only real mark against what’s generally a slick, good-looking mobile browser. This means it may not be entirely stable and bug-free just yet, but we haven’t experienced any issues.