#247 Daily dose : Know about your wifi connection

Superfast broadband and a powerful router aren’t the only things you need to ensure a fast, stable internet connection. One other potentially major factor is making sure you’re on an uncongested Wi-Fi channel, and Wifi Analyzer helps you do that.

It can tell you what channel your network is on and also which nearby networks are using, so you can see how busy your channel is relative to others.

This should give you a good idea of which to use, but there’s also a separate screen, giving each channel a star rating and suggesting which you should move your router to.

There’s also a signal meter so you can see how strong your Wi-Fi signal is in different parts of your house or on different channels, so you’re better able to optimize it.

Actually changing the channel will be handled by your router’s interface, but if you’ve got a modern one it should be fairly simple to do, and could lead to a faster, more reliable connection.