#236 Daily dose : An simulation app for self learning

PhET Simulations are interactive simulations designed to demonstrate and teach you various aspects of science and maths, such as forces and motion, the area of shapes, fractions, atoms, gravity and more.

The simulations and the concepts they’re teaching vary in complexity, but generally we’d say they’re suitable for teenagers and above, and are also handy tools for any adults who want a slightly hands-on refresher or guide to these subjects.

The PhET Simulations app contains over 45 of these simulations, so there’s plenty to explore. And some go beyond just simulating a thing, also offering a ‘game’ to help you learn it.

For example, the Area Builder simulation lets you put colored squares on graph paper and as you do it will tell you the area and perimeter of the shape you’ve created, while the Area Builder game will challenge you to construct a shape of a certain area.

If you’re already confident in your science and maths skills then PhET Simulations might seem a bit basic – though we’d wager you’ll still learn something from some of them – but for everyone else it’s a useful and fun tool.