#217 Daily dose :Add shortcuts at the bottom of your screen

TouchBar for Android is inspired by the feature of the same name for the MacBook Pro. It adds a little shortcut bar to the bottom of your screen, which you can reveal or hide with a swipe up from the bottom left corner, or set to stay visible permanently.

The bar gives you quick access to a number of features, and you can customize which ones, choosing from the likes of brightness, volume, Wi-Fi, Google Search and music controls. You can also change the size and colors of TouchBar to your liking.

TouchBar is accessible from any app and even the lock screen, giving you a handy, customizable alternative to the shortcuts found on your notifications pull-down.

There’s a free version of the app, but that forces you to watch an advert video every time you change a customization setting, which gets old fast, so the $0.99/59p TouchBar for Android PRO is the better option.