#210 Daily dose : Customise your android device

You’re probably well aware of how customizable Android is, and may even have dabbled with custom icon packs to change up the look of your apps, but what if you want to go a step further and actually create icons of your own? Well, then you probably want Adapticons.

This app, as the name suggests, lets you adapt your existing app icons – though the changes you make can be significant enough to almost count as a whole new icon.

You can pick from a range of shapes to surround the existing icon, not just squares and circles but also things like paw prints, flowers and hearts. Then choose the size and position of the existing icon within that shape, change the orientation if you like, and change the color.

If you want to change the original icon completely you can import new images from your gallery or icon packs and you can even change the text underneath the icon.

Batch edits make the whole process a lot faster if you want to make a whole set of similar icons, and the interface is intuitive and simple.

Many of the shapes and features are locked behind a $0.99/£0.99 IAP, but you can get a taste for free.