#200 Daily dose : An online academy

Want to learn something new? Udemycould be a good place to start. This website and app has over 40,000 video courses across more than 12,000 topics, covering everything from yoga and meditation to psychology, photography and web development.

Courses are of varied lengths and aimed at various different levels. Some are just a few hours long, others have dozens of hours of content.
And they’re more than just videos. You can also ask the instructors (all of whom are theoretically experts in their fields) questions, or communicate with other students.

Some courses are free, but many cost money (starting at under $10/£10 and rising to well over $100/£100). Don’t baulk at the fees though – the pricier ones are often available at a discount and you have access to them for life. Courses can also be downloaded, cast to your TV or viewed on just about anything with a web browser.

Some courses are better than others, but with numerous user reviews for most of them it’s easy to separate the good from the bad before you put any money down.