#198 Daily dose : Get notified everything in your notification bar

Your phone’s status bar can show you how much battery you’ve got left or how strong your signal is, but what if you want to be able to see how much memory your phone has left, how many unread messages you have, the battery temperature or your CPU usage?

For those things and many more there’s PowerLine. And rather than just an icon, it shows a colored bar at the top of the screen, giving those indicators a much more eye-catching look.
You can also add bars for some of the jobs the status bar already does, such as one for battery life, and the length of the bars depends on the status of the thing they’re tracking. So for battery life it would run halfway across the top if you’re at 50%.

But you’re not limited to putting the bars at the top. They can run along the left, right or bottom edge instead, or some combination of the four.

You can customize the colors and sizes of the bars too, but if you want more than two displayed at once you’ll need to go pro with a one-off $2.99/£2.99 IAP. This lets you have up to nine bars at once.

It’s a worthwhile purchase if you want to be able to see more things at a glance, or just like the stylish design of the bars.