#187 Daily dose : Create your own SOUNDSCAPE

TaoMix 2 offers a unique and easy way to create your own soundscapes that can evolve randomly over time, for a perfect immersion.

An infinite world of sounds

TaoMix 2 lets you collect and mix more than 120 high quality sounds to create your perfect soundscapes. Possibilities are endless!
Here is a list of all the sound packs that are currently available in the app.


The rain, a storm, the wind, the ocean… This pack of eight sounds contains all you need to create your own first relaxing ambiance. Select sounds in the list to add them, and get lost in nature’s marvellous song.

This sound pack contains the following sounds

  • Birds chirping
  • Light rain
  • River
  • Zephyr
  • Frogs
  • Moderate thunderstorm
  • Small waves
  • Helix


1. Add ambient sounds and relaxing melodies to your soundscape.
Select from the wide range of high quality sounds or let the app choose for you. You can even record your own sounds!

2. Sit back and relax…
Lose yourself in nature’s marvelous song, and let it guide you at its own pace.
Close your eyes and calm your mind. Focus on your breathing.
Enjoy your relaxation and meditation sessions, or a good night’s sleep.

Create and explore soundscapes.
Focus, relax, sleep better.