Play YOUTUBE in Background on your Android Device

Hello there everyone,

This week we are going to see how to play YouTube videos on background in your android and also in your IOS devices…

Before that, I’d make it clear that, YouTube OFFLINE videos which are stored as .EXO files can’t be played with any other apps than YouTube’s official app, So don’t waster your time over it as I did… Also, there’s another easy way to do it, let’s see

Step 1 : Download and install Browser apps in your phone… For android (Chrome / Firefox) & For IOS (Safari)

Step 2 : Open the YOUTUBE link and click STAY ( that means don’t open it in official YouTube app, instead open it in CHROME / FIREFOX )

Step 3 : That’s it… enjoy, the videos on background even on locking the screen


You can CACHE the VIDEOS in playlist


Play it FOREVER !!!