#158 Daily dose : Toontastic 3D

Anyone with a tiny artist (or future Spielberg) at home should give Toontastic 3D a try. This Google app might look like a game, but at its heart it’s actually all about drawing, animating and narrating your own cartoons.

Pick a setting and a cast of characters (or create your own), and then move them around the environment (dragging them to make them walk), while adding sound effects or dialogue via your phone’s microphone.
You can also interact with the backdrop, tapping on objects to animate them. Then add music from the built-in selection of songs and move on to the next scene.

It’s basic stuff, but that means it’s easy for even the youngest members of the family to make something, and there are enough different characters and environments here to make a wide range of content. It’s also open enough to teach kids to tell stories and create basic artworks of their own.

Once you’re done you can play the animation back and export it to your gallery to share with friends and family. Or just get to work on the sequel.