#150 Daily dose : The fastest browser that can block anything

Firefox Focus was a hit on iOS, and now it’s come to Android. It’s a fast, simple browser with security and privacy at its heart, essentially operating like the private mode in other browsers at all times.

Your browsing history, including passwords, cookies and trackers is erased automatically when you close the browser, or can be erased from within the browser with a single tap.
Firefox Focus also won’t appear in your recent apps list unless you turn the ‘stealth’ toggle off, but you can set it as your default browser, if you want to browse privately at all times.

It also blocks ad trackers, analytic trackers and social trackers by default, though you can unblock them if you’d prefer – and also block other content trackers if you want (at the risk of breaking some videos and web pages).

Web fonts can be blocked too, and all this blocking actually makes Firefox Focus run faster. And it won’t take up much space on your device either, coming in at just 3.5MB.

Obviously not everyone will want their history erased, and there are some limitations – for example you can only have one open tab currently, but if you’re after a speedy, lightweight browser and care about your privacy, Firefox Focus is a great choice.