#148 Daily dose : Track your income and outgoings into a game

Finance manager apps tend to be quite dry, which in turn can make you less likely to use them, but Fortune City turns the whole business of tracking your income and outgoings into a game.

You manage a cute little city, with new buildings added each time you add an income or expense, each of which you can do in several taps.
Workers can be hired and assigned jobs, buildings can be upgraded, and if you’re diligent in your tracking your city can flourish.

If friends are using the app too you can compete with them and visit their cities, and everything is backed up to the cloud, so you won’t lose your progress if you change phone.

But, like any good finance tracker, you can also see graphs and charts of your spending and income, to get a clearer picture of where your money is going, and there are dozens of achievements to work towards, many of which require saving and careful money management.