#140 Daily dose : Create your own pixel art

There are any number of art apps available for Android, but where most of them let you paint or sketch, Dotpict is all about pixel art.

That not only gives your creations a very different look to more conventional art apps, but also means you need far less talent to actually use it, as your canvas is a grid and you just tap the squares you want to fill.
This means that although you’ll need to work out which ones to use in order to create an image, you won’t need any actual technique when filling them in.

We don’t want to undersell it though. With canvases going up to 96 x 96 and custom color palettes there’s plenty here for experts, it’s just that Dotpict is welcoming to newbies too.

If you get artist’s block there are also a couple of games built in, for some reason. These are basic, but the art looks like it was made in the app, demonstrating the potential of pixel paintings.