#131 Daily dose : WHITE ISLAND

White Island is an Android game that puts players in the shoes of two different characters that find themselves on an island where people go missing each and every year. Four students have come to the Island in order to find a missing professor.



One of the VisualShower Corp. best games released globally… in addition to that I’ve been playing this game for past 3 years…

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The most cinematic mobile adventure game.
– Fully immersive design and execution, pushing the envelope of what’s possible on a smartphone.
– We invite you into a game-world as suspenseful as any thriller movie!

Two scenarios, intricately interwoven…
– The ones who try to protect their friends, and the ones who just want to survive until the end.
– The two characters’ stories unfold before colliding in a diverging truth.

Detailed and realistic screens.
– A dark blue sea with 3D effects, pouring and flowing rain, and characters who change depending on the location.
– We’re proud to present a unique gaming experience.

Both classical and stylish music and sound effects…
– Original music and sound effects to heighten the suspense to its maximum!
– Sounds worth wearing earphones for.

Shocking twists and evil revelations, one after the other…
– You choose your own destiny!
– You can enjoy a variety of exciting episodes and other contents!