Git commit your Android Studio Projects

Hi there everyone,

This week I’ll tell you guys how to git commit your android studio projects… So, that you can work from your home or outstation anywhere possible with the same source code

Step 1 : Create a account in

Step 2 : Now, create a new repository as shown

Screenshot (9)

Step 3 : Give name and description and then click “create repository

Screenshot (10)_LI

Step 4 : Copy the link which will be shown after creating repository

Screenshot (11)

Step 5 : Go to your project in Android Studio and go to VCS -> Import info Version Control -> Create Git Repository…

Screenshot (12)

Step 6 : Now, select your Project folder and click “OK

Screenshot (13)_LI

Step 7 : Go to your project folder in windows explorer & right click and select “git bash here” ( If you don’t have git installed in your computer… download it here )

Screenshot (14)_LI

Step 8 : Now in the command window… type “git remote add origin” and paste the link you’ve copied before ( Ctrl + V won’t work instead use Shift + Ins )

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Step 9 : Now go to Android Studio, and right click your Project and go to Git -> Add ( the screen will blink for a sec)

Screenshot (17)

Step 10 : Again right click your Project and go to Git -> Commit Directory…

Screenshot (18)

Step 11 : Type a commit message as shown and click “commit

Screenshot (19)_LI

Step 12 : Again right click your Project and go to Git -> Repository -> Push

Screenshot (20)

Step 13 : select the commit message you typed earlier and click “Push

Screenshot (21)

Step 14 : Now, go to your github repository and see your project there

Screenshot (22)

Step 15 : For, future update of the same project just follow the steps from “Step 10