#129 Daily dose : An easy navigating browser

Browsers tend to either be feature-packed, or light on your battery and data, but not both. Pyrope Browser is an exception, and it’s stylish and easy to navigate as well.

It’s light on battery use thanks to its power saving mode, which, like the power saving modes on most phones, restricts performance and some functionality to conserve juice.
And it’s light on resources thanks to its ‘web refiner’, which filters out adverts. Pyrope Browser is also optimized for Snapdragon chipsets (which many smartphones use) and promises 10% – 40% performance increases if run on a device with a Snapdragon chip.

But as you’re probably starting to realize, Pyrope Browser is also packed full of features and modes. As well as those above, there’s a night mode, which inverts colors to strain your eyes less at night, an immersive mode, which cuts away the search bar and buttons, and a background audio mode, which allows audio to keep playing even when you leave the browser.

The stylish look meanwhile is helped by a ‘dynamic notification bar’, which changes the color of your notification bar to match that of whatever website you’re on.

With gesture controls, an incognito mode and more on top of all that, this is a browser that’s easy to love