#108 Daily dose : An super sensor app for your phone

Some of the most interesting Android apps are those which add genuinely new features to your phone. Pocket Sense is one of those.

With this app you can set an alarm to go off if your phone is removed from your pocket, taken off charge, or moved from where it’s sat.
You can toggle any or all of those things to sound an alarm, so you’ll know the second someone tries to steal, move or use your phone.
You can choose from several different alarm sounds, all of which are very loud and can be set to audibly go off even when your phone is on silent.
Alarms will be turned off when you unlock your phone and you can optionally set a delay before an alarm sounds – so that when you yourself pick your phone up you won’t be greeted with an alarm, as you can unlock your handset first to cancel it.
Sensitivity can also be altered if you find it’s going off seemingly at random or not triggering when you want it to. But in our experience Pocket Sense worked well on the default settings, and is sure to give any thief or snooper a real fright.
There’s an IAP to remove adverts, but all the actual features of the app are free.