#107 Daily dose : Mix different music with the Taomix app

TaoMix is one of the best ambient sound apps around, giving you far more control over your soundscape than most rivals.

Not only can you choose from over 50 sounds, split into numerous categories such as ‘fire’, ‘wind’ and ‘city’, but you can combine up to 10 of them, adjust the volume for each of them individually, and set a timer if you want the soundscape to turn off on its own.
That last option is great if you’re using it to help you get to sleep, but you might also want soothing sounds when meditating, reading, or to block out background noise when working.

TaoMix also has an attractive, minimalist and intuitive interface, allowing you to drag sound bubbles closer or further from a central point to increase or decrease their strength.

You can also play other audio from your device while using TaoMix, so if you want a soundscape mixed with music or a guided meditation, that’s possible. And you can save your favorite mixes to easily return to them later.

The free version doesn’t give you all the sounds and only lets you use three at a time, but a one off IAP of $1.49/£1.39 unlocks the rest.